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The Journey to Mars is now in your hands!


Made of Mars is the first company to let you drive the development of the technology we need to get to Mars. 


Made of Mars is dedicated to developing the technology we need to survive and thrive on Earth and beyond, using the materials found naturally in Space. These materials will be our passports towards the future and we can begin that journey today. We will learn to explore, process, design and transform these materials into the products we need and want to use today.


This challenge will need your help. You will drive the design, the demand, and the desire to build toward Mars. Working together, the Journey to Mars is in your hands.

Why Mars?


One of every 500 subscribers will win a change to build with the Women of NASA lego set. 

Mars will be the first step on the journey beyond our Earth-centric system. We already know the materials of Mars. Volcanic Basalt, Clay, Gypsum, and Iron are found across that planet. Basalt, in particular, will be key. It is common on Mars, the Moon, and many asteroids throughout space. It is also common throughout Earth, giving us the opportunity to get good at building with it. These skills will be critical to building a better future here on Earth and vital to building on any world we can envision or even in the depths of space itself.


Put the Material of Mars in Your Hands

Made of Mars will be launching its initial product line on Kickstarter in October. Join our mailing list to stay up to date on the launch details and to join our Journey to Mars!








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