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Design Partners

The Journey to Mars in your hands!

Made of Mars is partnering with the most innovative creators on any planet. These partners are taking on the difficult but critical challenge or transforming rocks into beauty. 


Meet KtY - a creative technologist and hardware prototyper focused on programmable clothing, computational textiles and wearable devices.

Kitty recently collaborated with Made of Mars to incorporate basaltic fabrics into her futuristic designs.

Kitty documented her process on the blog, which includes many beautiful photos of basalt transforming into products that we can use today.

Noah Christian’s world is a universe full of reflective lights (colorful ideas and creations) inspired by the Japanese martial arts and astronomy, mixed with his unique view in fashion. Noah Christian’s creations went through a deeply creative process and unique moulage techniques and patterns.

Noah is working to merge the natural beauty of basaltic fabrics into the high fashion world of accessories to connect to the materials of our past and future.


Noah's bags feature the golden sheen of basaltic fabrics, made straight from the rocks of volcanoes. Erupting lavas were transformed into thin threads and woven together to create these glassy patterns. These eco-friendly fabrics are made directly from the Earth and are our ticket to exploring beyond.


Made of Mars is using these same fabrics to develop the technology to build cities on Mars, the Moon and Asteroids throughout the solar system. These fabrics are among the only known that can be locally sourced on other worlds. With these bags you can put the Journey to Mars in your hands!

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