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company overveiw


Made of Mars was founded to connect the public to the Journey to Mars and beyond. The company is developing the technology to transform the materials of space into products that people can use today. This will allow individual investment in the innovation cycle that will create a self propelling space material economy, while providing a tangible connection into people's everyday lives. Made of Mars's team is working to bridge the technological challenges of a future in Space with the public's passion for exploration. 


Company Name:

Made of Mars


October 20, 2016


Mountain View, CA


CEO - J.R. Skok


Launch Products

Made of Mars will be launching on October 10th, 2018 on Kickstarter with three main product offerings. They will be two styles of wallet and a computer laptop sleeve. Each will feature outer panels of basalt fabric. Basalt is the most common rock in the solar system and will be a key resource for life on and beyond Earth. 

Products were selected to created to highlight feature the basaltic fabrics to show what can be created with this material while producing something stylish and useful. The products are designed to put this material into your hands while providing a tangible connection to the journey to Mars.  

fb ads4-07.jpg
fb ads4-05.jpg
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Basalt Fabric Production


Product Shots


Deimos Wallet

wallet1 copy.jpg
wallet3 copy.jpg
wallet4 copy.jpg
Square_Combine copy.jpg

Phobos Wallet

Phobos_ DSC_3812.JPG
Phobos_DSC_4004 copy.JPG

SpaceCase Laptop Sleeve



Are we actually building from the materials from Mars?


Unfortunately, we have not yet brought back material from Mars and only have a few hundred kg of Martian rocks that have fallen as meteorites. However, these Mars meteorites allow us to know which Earth rocks are exactly like those on Mars. We are starting Made of Mars with these real volcanic rocks that are just like the rocks on Mars.


What are the Made of Mars Products made of?


Our initial line of Made of Mars products are designed to feature the Basalt Fabric paneling that will make it unique and tie us to the Journey to Mars. Since there are no current product developers with experience working with Basalt, we worked with a leather craftsman to learn how to create high-quality products with Basalt Fabric paneling. Our Kickstarter products will keep this material and these general design lines. For the full production, we will evaluate alternative solutions to ensure high quality aesthetics to put the Journey to Mars in your hands.


Are you giving up on the Earth?


Earth is our home. It will always be our home. Made of Mars wants to help our home while pushing toward new experiences. We are dedicated to developing better materials for use on Earth that will make an immediate benefit to life on Earth independent from our dreams of Mars. We are able to make life on Earth better while pushing for life beyond it as well.


Why Mars? Shouldn’t we be making things of the Moon first?


We love Mars, but are also very excited about returning to the Moon! The Moon is full of Basalt and the technology we are developing is just as useful there. If you are interested in the Moon, we can show you exactly which of the rocks from the lunar surface match those in your rewards.


I am excited to join the Journey to Mars! How can I help invest more or contribute my time and expertise to helping Made of Mars grow and create?


We are excited to work with you to grow! Please contact us to find more ways to help.


How do we follow along with the Made of Mars journey?


Made of Mars will be detailing the journey on our website at with more frequent updates on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up on our website to be added to our mailing list for the latest updates and information.

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