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The Journey to Mars in your hands!

​We will do this by developing the technology to build everything we need to survive and thrive in Space from the materials we can find beyond Earth. ​We can use the materials we know to exist on Mars, the Moon and asteroids to build the things that we need now. ​This will teach us to process, design, and build physical products from the materials of space.

We are starting with volcanic basalt. Basalt is the most common rocks on Mars, covers the near side of the Moon and many asteroids. Basalt is also found across Earth. It makes up Hawaii, Iceland and covers the ocean floor and found on all the continents.  

Building from basalt will be a key step toward a sustainable future on and beyond Earth. 


Basalt rock can be melted back to lava, pulled into threads and woven into fabrics. These fabrics can be used to make softgoods and space suits or stiffened with resin to build luggage and rockets. 

Basalt Products