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Once we are successfully funded, we will design the Deimos, Phobos and SpaceCase for full production. Our timeline is intentionally long to allow for trial, error and redesign until we can guarantee a high-quality product. We will guarantee delivery by Christmas 2019.


We will contact supporters of the Deimos and Phobos Limited rewards to begin production on their custom wallets.


We will coordinate with each supporter of the Expedition rewards to schedule the trip, accounting for the supporter's personal preference and the weather conditions of the expedition sites.

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John Roma (J.R.) Skok, PhD, Founder/CEO

J.R. is planetary scientist with the SETI Institute. He has spent 19 years working with NASA to explore Mars. J.R. has worked on several Mars Missions including the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. He has participated in the landing site selection effort for the Curiosity rover and the future Mars2020 rover. J.R. has led expeditions around the world to study the most Mars-like places on Earth, including Antarctica, Hawaii, Iceland and more. These experiences have taught him about the materials of Mars and what we need to build with them.

While this is the first Kickstarter campaign led by J.R., he was actively involved in the successful campaign for the AstroReality Earth Model.

Operations - Jennifer Herrera, Project Manager

Jennifer is driven to contribute to our future as an interplanetary species. Her experience in project management ensures that Made of Mars operates smoothly.

Communications - Nicki Button, Geologist & Science Communicator

Nicki is a Martian geologist, science communicator and social media specialist. She is passionate about Mars and sharing science with the public. Through Made of Mars, she hopes to inspire public efforts for Space Exploration.

Yu Li, Design Advisor 

Yu researches the areas of science technology and speculative design  where our imagination meets technology development. Yu is working with Made of Mars to develop the design experience to connect you to the Journey toward Mars.


Are you actually building from the materials from Mars? 

We have not yet brought back any material from Mars. Only a few hundred kilograms of Martian rocks have fallen as meteorites and they are quite valuable. However, these Mars meteorites allow us to know which Earth rocks are exactly like those on Mars. We are starting Made of Mars with these real volcanic rocks on Earth that are just like the rocks on Mars.


What are the Made of Mars products made of? 


Our initial line of Made of Mars products are designed to feature the basalt fabric paneling that will make it unique and tie us to the Journey to Mars. Since there are no current product developers with experience working with basalt, we worked with a leather craftsman to learn how to create high-quality products with basalt fabric paneling. Our line of Limited rewards will keep these materials and general design. For the full production, we will evaluate alternative solutions to create the best quality product and most appropriate to put the Journey to Mars in your hands.


Why go to Mars at all? Are you giving up on the Earth? 


Earth is our home. It will always be our home. Made of Mars wants to help our home while pushing toward new explorations. We are dedicated to developing better materials for use on Earth that will benefit society here, independent from our dreams of Mars. Through our efforts toward Space Exploration, we strive to create technology that will help create a more sustainable like on Earth as well.


Why Mars? Shouldn’t we make things from the Moon first?

We love Mars but are also very excited about returning to the Moon! The technology we are developing is just as useful on the Moon since it is full of basalt.

How do we follow along with the Made of Mars journey?

Made of Mars will be detailing the journey on our website at with more frequent updates on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up on our website to be added to our mailing list for the latest updates and information.

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