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The Journey to Mars

a Magic Leap Proposal

               We are at the dawn of a new age of human exploration, one that will see humans permanently explore and settle other planets and beyond. New technology, like the mixed reality experience with Magic Leap, have the potential to put the journey to Mars into the hands and mind of every person. We propose to develop a Space experience called ‘Journey to Mars' to connect every Magic Leap user to a future beyond Earth. The Journey to Mars experience will map four essential phases of trip to Mars onto our world. These phases will include the launch from Earth, the orbit and landing on Mars, the surface exploration and life and work inside the Martian habitat.

Launch Experience

The launch experience will include modules about the rocket engineering and flight plan, the view and procedure from the cockpit during countdown and launch and the feel of launch, booster separation and orbit recreated through visual, audio and haptic experience.


During the launch phase, the experience will provide an interactive rocket cockpit for the users to learn about the launch systems and feel a simulated takeoff. (Credit: NASA)


Mars Orbit and Landing

            The next phase to map to an orbital experience around Mars. The users will learn about the real features and resources on the surface of Mars. Here they will also learn about the history of Mars to understand how the planet formed and how to explore it. The Mars Landing phase will take the user from the Mars orbiting stage through touchdown on the planet.

The Mars orbit and landing phase will include an interactive flight over Mars and a lesson on the planetary formation and resource distribution. Users will be able to select landing sites and then experience a landing. (Credit: NASA)

Mars Surface

The Mars Surface experience will be the most expensive of the phases and will include options to explore both real landing sites from past NASA missions and prominent future sites from both science and engineering perspectives. This phase will be built as an open sandbox environment. It will be possible to explore the natural science of the landscape, as well as design and build the first habitats, factories and cities.


The Mars Surface experience will allow the users to explore a Mars sandbox populated with geological and biological targets and provide the tools to design and build bases from the local resources (Credit: Mars2030-VR)

Mars Habitat   

            The Mars Habitat phase will map the interior of a Mars base onto the user’s world. In this world, the user will experience the jobs and skills vital to living on another world. Tasks will include science experiments, engineering repair, rover deployment and more.


The Mars Habitat experience will map the interior of a Mars base onto the users house. The segment will allow for educational and life skill building modules. (Credit: Mars2030-VR)

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