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Everyone An Astronaut

A future in Space will only happen when it becomes accessible to everyone. Made of Mars is working toward a day when everyone who wants to be part of the Journey has a clear pathway to Space. Made of Mars products are the first way to let the public join the Journey to Space. International education, engineering and outreach will focus on reaching every human on Earth and provide a pathway, however difficult, to the stars.  

The Planets in your hands


Made of Mars is partnering with AstroReality, a company dedicated to making the planets accessible through precision manufacturing and Augmented Reality. AstroReality's Globes and Notebooks will share the stories of past, present and future space exploration in a more personal way than ever before. 

Explore a volcano

Made of Mars is working to explore the volcanoes and geology of Earth and Mars. These resources will be used to create the Made of Mars products and the data will be made available for you explore, like this volcanic cinder cone we mapped in California. 


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