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Put a Volcano in your pocket with this Basalt fiber loop.


This loop is made directly from lava rocks pulled into threads. While this is made from volcanoes on Earth, the rock is the exact same as those that build the towering mass of Olympus Mons on Mars, covers the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon and orbiting the Sun on countless asteroids throughout the solar system. 


The genuine basalt fibers are twisted into a 3-ply rope and formed into a loop to let you take the Journey to Mars wherever you go.


The glass fibers create a deep optical luster that captures the eye and plays with the light.


The keychain also features your a rectangular Made of Mars medallion to show your passion for exploration.


Basalt is non-toxic, all natural geologic substance. Basalt fibers contain no additives, only rocks and heat were used in fiber production. The fiber's color is a natural result of the rock's iron content in a glass matrix.


This loop is an experimental use of Basalt glass fiber and like any glass, it can fray through continued bending. Frayed glass can irritate the skin with extensive exposure. Your support will help us design better basalt for the generations to come. 

Made of Mars Basalt Loop

  • Each basalt loop is hand crafted and knotted, making each one unique.


    Weight, approx: 20 grams, 0.6oz.

    Length of Basalt, approx: 10 cm, 4 inch.

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