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We want to see humans on Mars, and beyond.

To thrive, humans must learn to use the renewable materials of Space to make products and infrastructure.

Made of Mars will develop these materials to create products that you can use today, while investing in the technology that will help us thrive as an interplanetary species.

Made of Mars wants to put the Journey to Mars in your hands!

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Bring Mars to your next event! Made of Mars founder, J.R. Skok, PhD is excited share our journey to the Red Planet with you. 


Add leading Space, Science and Educational background to your team. We have consulted on Mars VR experiences and Space AR content and can bring that expertise to your team. 


Join the Mars of Mars team on an expedition to the most Mars like places on Earth. We can organize and lead you on the trip of a lifetime! We have experience in Hawaii, Iceland and the Mojave of California among many more.


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Here's How We'll Build Things Using Mars' Natural Resources


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